Ben Leoni is a North American designer, producer and entrepreneur.  



I grew up designing things for the internet. Which probably explains why I have the socializing skills of a mountain-goat.  

But this is my personal website (which does not reflect the opinion of my companies, partners or co-founders) - who are a bunch of degenerates.  You see,  in the last 13 years I hustled like a street whore building a design and technology company, then a content studio all for a wet dream I had when I was 14 years old (more on that later).   

I know what you're thinking. "Ben, this is making my nipples all hard and shit, but don't you care about your reputation?"  This is what I have to say to that. Yes, I do care, I'm risking everything - but ever since I started not-giving-a-shit I've been happier, my work got better and more fun, my business has been blowing up - and all because I'm getting back to my shit-disturbing roots.  Besides, Isn't that the essence of the Startup industry?

Most marketing companies or "creative companies" don't have the sack to do something worth while, to take a risk or be unconventional. They call themselves creatives but conform to the stigma of what society allows creatives to be.  It's not their fault!  B2B sales is a bunch of bullshit and if they're too outlandish they may lose everything.  Well, their work is about as exciting as pulling floss from a dog's asshole so I am here to risk it all while having as much fun as possible.  

This is my 2018 mandate - and hopefully I'll make it to 2019.

Calm down amigo.

Here's what happens when I do give a fuck.

Ben advocates for Canadian Innovation (Yes, I'm referencing myself in the third party) spending time and speaking with groups and influencing the next generation of entrepreneurs. With 13 years in digital business Ben has a broad perspective not only in what makes something visually desirable, but also making complex problems feel impossibly simple. 

Ben is a leading digital innovator. A seasoned consultant with over a decade of experience in the design and innovation industry, he has a successful track record of establishing two new-tech design and innovation companies, building several interdisciplinary teams, conceptualizing large scale creative initiatives, and delivering growth strategies for brands in both private and public sectors.

As the senior creative, Ben has led on numerous multi-media, entertainment and digital experience projects, creating apps, games, films, and interactive solutions for global brands, NGOs, and high-growth startups. 


THE LATEST (Feb 8th, 2018): 

To better realize our mission of designing better digital experiences, AviStudio will become part of Harley Oliver, a product design and user-experience agency operating under Harley Oliver Ventures Inc. When we started this company, we didn’t know how many people would take this journey with us — something that has humbled and inspired us every day along the way. Our thanks go out to our clients and partners that have helped us get this far. We can’t wait to share the next chapter of our vision with you and the new friends we intend to make along the way. 



I work with disruptors, challenger brands and smart products. I help envision, design and execute for mobile and beyond. 

Prototypes in 22 days. 


Please Send all hate mail to my Instagram account:  @HeyHarleyOliver